Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Greeting cards by Ryan and Breia Mallett from Brush And Mallett

Greeting cards and wedding invitations are always in demand, add a little bit of humor and artistic talent to it and it's a gem. I often see greeting cards on etsy, but there is one problem I keep on having with them, artwork. As an artist myself, I can't in all consciousness  give someone a card where an illustration looks a step above stick figure. The card itself might be really sweet or very funny, but the artwork itself is far from good. When I ran into Brush And Mallett shop, the artwork and the humor, both, captured my attention. The art was great, especially on those sweet, romantic wedding invitations. So, yes... I got exited and decided that you might like them as well...
Have I mentioned they are also eco-friendly? yep... that's right, my eco-mania is showing again. Can you blame me? These cards are not printed through some giant printer ether, they went through loving hands of their designers instead. Each card was cut, scored, fold, and corners clipped by hand. I remember in the good old days when I worked in Staples and our folding machine would break... oh the time it took to do it all by hand... And it's much more expensive to do as well since it's so time consuming. These cards haven't caught high price virus though, they are very cheap, only $3.50 each. For an eco-friendly, handmade card, and this price, it's a crime.

The minds behind these cards aren't only talented and have a funny bone, but they are also very nice and willing to work wit each and every buyer. Store policies are very easy to understand, and if you have any questions, you can always ask. Oh, and the shop also has 100% customer satisfaction.

Well, I'll go back to my own artwork before I procrastinate too much (yes, this is exactly what I am doing now) and you guys should really check out that giveaway I have going on...

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