Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sisterly Creationz, Elegant Jewelry by Tiffany Coble

Elegant, beautiful, and with taste, what can be better? The only thing that can be better is all that plus handmade. This is exactly what you will get from this jeweler. I really love her taste, it shows in her jewelry designs. Combination of shapes and colors of the crystals is simply beautiful, on the necklace here for example it flows well, purple complements pink really well. This necklace has different cut beads, small smooth beads highlight the larger once. All in all a very good design with an elegant, soft look. As soon as I saw this shop, this beautiful style that can be seen over and over in every piece she makes, attracted my attention. Now, here is another thing I noticed. Very often when looking at handmade jewelry I find that wire doesn't look neat. It would look irregular and unprofessional. Tiffany has everything under control in that department. As someone who used to make dolls out of copper wire when I was little, I can tell you, shaping wire can be a pain. It's a skill that can be learned however, just takes a more time, the end result is worth it. The bottom line is, you can have beautiful, elegant jewelry made by a jeweler that cares about producing good quality product AND it's very, very affordable.

Now, I must be hones, there is one thing I don't like about this shop, she hasn't made a lot of sales. I know, the shop opened this year and didn't have much time to grow, but the jewelry there is too beautiful not to buy. What are people doing? GO GO GO SHOP THERE!!! With jewelry like that, there should be at the very least 10 sales a day... that is if Tiffany can keep up with it. The feed back is still 100% though, so as of now every person who bought from this shop, loved what they got, not that I'm surprised by it, it's freaking gorges.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this. You completely blew me away with your kind words and amazing talent for writing.