Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Homespun Loft for You and Your Fluffy Friend

Our best friends deserve to get their handmade goodies just as much as we do. In many cases they appreciate it more then humans. In The Homespun Loft you can find great items sewn specially for your beloved life companions. Something very small can make such a huge difference in an animal's life. I have two wonderful cat friends, Cuteness and Monkey.  Monkey has a very close bound with his sweater. We found him a few month ago, beaten, starved, ridden with every parasite you can imagine. He was so weak he couldn't regulate his body temperature. I made him a sweater so that he would be able to stay warm in the cold winter days. He is healthy now, but his sweater is his favorite thing in the house. If I want him to stop doing something, all I have to do is to put a sweater somewhere he can't get it and let him know I did it, he stops immediately to gets his sweater back. To us it might seem that a pet bed, a placemat, a sweater is no big deal, but for them it can mean a whole world. It can mean a safe place, love, warmth, life itself.

While looking through the shop I found crate mats that can be places in a carrier, I loved them so much. I have a problem with Cuteness, he is terrified of carriers, he hates them with passion. Which is understandable, he too was rescued from very abusive people and although now he is a 40lb giant with razor sharp claws, when he is in a cage he feels powerless and all the fears come back. Having something he loves in a cage always helps, it's the smell for him, it must smell familiar. After looking at these pet beds for a little longer a thought occurred to me, can they be stuffed full of catnip? I bet that would make Cuteness love that carrier. You can get custom orders in this shop, so I bet this can be arrange. These pet beds are double sided, which means... catnip between the layers.

If you have super-awesome fluffy friends, you might know the horror that happens next to their bowls. Not a problem, in The Homespun Loft you can buy placemats. In my house I'd need a placecarpet because my guys end up dragging their food all over the room, playing with it and hiding it from one another, but they are also crazy. Whatever my cat friends do with their food, they never eat it where they are supposed to. Hopefully yours aren't and you can keep everything clean with a sweet handmade placemat. A placemat would however help even in my house. The two of them love chasing one another, and if they knock down their water, they don't even stop to say "sorry" (they do stop to say sorry if they knock me down though). Water would end up all over the place and since I do put their water in my bedroom (otherwise they have to go into the kitchen where they start opening cabinets and slamming then shut so that I'd wake up and hug them), wet carpet is something I often have to deal with.

Well, I can talk about my cats and items for pets whole day, it's close to heart after all, but it's time to look at why you should buy from this seller and not another one. 100% customer satisfaction, great policies, very affordable, great quality, all patterns are original, so you will not find it anywhere else. As I already mentioned before, you can ask for a specialized item, just send a message to the seller and explain what you would like for yourself or your friend and your wish will come true. You can find out much, much more about this wonderful quilter by reading her blog, and following her on twitter and facebook.

Keep your fluffy friends happy, and if you don't have them, shelters are full of animals that need a forever or at least a temporary home.

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  1. Hi- Thank you so much for featuring my shop on your blog... very well done! I am your newest follower now. Love your stories about your cats! So glad we connected, Thanks again!