Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Beloved Self. Because I Deserve It

I realized that Though I often talk about other artists, I don't really talk about myself much. I know it's kind of cool to be all mysterious, but I figured I'll tell you who I really am.

I was born in Ukraine in 1986, not long before Chernobyl accident. I got lucky, we went to the Middle East just a few days before the reactor melted, so I didn't get the huge dose of radiation like so many others. Naturally once my family learned about it, they had no desire to go back there. We were looking for better life, a better place and as a result ended up moving a lot. I lived in 6 countries and I don't even know if I can count how many towns and cities. US is actually the country where I wiled the longest, 8.5 years so far. Second place goes to Russia with 6 years.
Many people told me that I look Spanish (meaning South American), and even tried talking to me in Spanish. Didn't work all that well since I only speak Russian, Ukrainian and English. The reason I look Spanish is because of the mix of Russian, Tadzhik, Native American and a few other races in my blood. Tadzhik part is the main one to blame because the side of the family that is Native American looks more European by now. And don't even ask me how my Native American great grandma ended up in Kyrgyzstan, because I have no clue.

I wanted to be a shrink for a few years. Went to nursing school first with plans to go to medical school after. This was actually a good decision because by the end of nursing school I figured out it wasn't for me. I found art to be more healing. I was doing some kind of art or another my whole life without even realizing it. I actually thought I was bad at art for the most part. This was until I started taking pottery in college and realized that I can learn new skills very fast. Within just a few days I was able to make bottles on the potters wheel. All the little things I drew and painted started coming to mind, making me realize that although I might not be the best artist as far as realism goes (and as far as I'm concerned, the only way I'll ever be good enough in realism is if it looks like a photograph) I'm actually really good at abstract and surrealism. Most importantly my ability to learn fast allowed me to get better and better in no time. Looking at some of the "art" on displays in galleries I figured that I'm am actually rather good. Honestly, things that pass for art these days...

My journey through life and my own artistic path brought me to the stage in life where I spend 80 hours a week, sometimes more to create and promote. And a few more hours to convince my mum that I'm not just sitting home all day sleeping and that artists are actually making really good money and aren't all starving. I think the second part is harder then the first since my mum is even more stubborn than I am, and I'm really stubborn.

I'd like to add that my family made it very easy for me to choose my way in life (well, in a way, my mum still tries to make me go back to nursing school). Both my father and my mother are from well educated families that value knowledge. I had genetic advantage, since both my mother and my father are good at art and are very intelligent. Having thousands of books at my disposal and every encouragement to read them (my family had a huge private library) I learned to love good literature and was never intimidated by books. I consider myself a book addict who can easily buy 26 books in one day (I really needed to celebrate free comic book day). I only wish I had more time to read.

Now I live in Erie PA with my husband and two cats. Vincent (husband) is very supportive and helps me develop my skills. Cuteness (40lb cat filed with love from tail to ears) keeps me in line and reminds me to take frequent breaks from work to give him hugs. Monkey (crazy year old orange kitten with suicidal tendencies) gives me claw filled foot massages and reminds me to get fresh air by making me drag him back inside every time he walks on the wrong side of the rail around the balcony. 

I'll leave this self centered post on this note and will go read some blogs now.


  1. wow great getting to know you. i hear you about the ancestral thing. i'm Croatian, Swedish, English, and French, though the Croatian part is strongest, but I've had people think I'm all kinds of other back grounds it is very funny. i love that you are following your passion. it is GREAT to have a supportive partner what a gift that is.

  2. Thx for the comment :) I'm very lucky I have my hubby, he is great. And he is also part Swedish :)