Friday, May 20, 2011

Jessica M. Lopez and the Fairytale World

Jessica M. Lopez is an artist who found her passion in fairytales and the painting of such. I often see watercolor paintings that don't look quite finished, another layer or two, more shadows and it would've been an incredible painting, but no such luck, they leave it as is and move on. As soon as I saw Jessica's work I saw that she takes her paintings to the end. They look sharp, finished, bright.

After looking at countless illustrations for children's books you get to expect certain characteristics, overall look and feel to the painting. Jessica Lopez managed to have her own very different style mixed into it. The overall dreamy feel of a fairytale illustration is there, it seems as if your usual illustration, and yet it is so different. The wolf for example on the painting shown here doesn't look like the one you would usually see, the trees aren't your usual trees either, turning and twisting like ropes, so unique, so different and yet so fairytale like. I feel like if a fairytale land existed, there would be a place like this. Although the painting is clearly a product of artists imagination, the quality of work makes it feel almost real.

Jessica M. Lopez uses watercolor with ink, which is a great combination, the two complement each other well. Another medium she uses is acrylic paint. For those unfamiliar with the medium, it can be a pain if you don't know how to use it. I've seen artists with beautiful oil paintings do a nightmarish job with acrylic paint. Jessica doesn't have a problem of this sort. She has even change in color throughout her acrylic paintings which is exactly the part that many artists can nail.

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