Friday, May 13, 2011

Addition Style, Jewelry gone Hardware

This shop is so unique, so.... so... so... oh I don't even know how to put it in words. Honestly, if anyone would've told me that you can make jewelry from nuts and washers, I don't even know what I'd think. When I saw this jewelry, however, I was amazed. It looks so stylish, modern, fresh and absolutely unique. Because it's made out of things you can find in a hardware store it is also very affordable. I often shop for idea in stores, see interesting things and get an idea of how to use it in art, I guess most artists do, but I honestly would've never imagined hardware jewelry looking that good. Now I just have to come up with an excuse as to why I absolutely must buy a few (not easy after I blew all of my extra money on books last week.) Any one has any ideas?

On to the next part tough. Great seller, great customer service, great jewelry, 100% customer satisfaction. This seller accepts checks and money orders btw, not all etsy sellers do, some go for paypal only. I have a few friends who absolutely refuse to get a bank account or a credit card, so they have a little problem shopping on line because of it. I'm always happy to see shops who give more payment options for those people.

Handmade jewelry bought from the master jeweler has one extra benefit, you can usually ask for small changes, different beads, different length and so on. this seller will do it for you as well. 

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  1. Armada, thank you so much for such kind words and sharing my Etsy shop on your blog.