Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hemlock Hollow Creations and Wonderful Jewelry

Another day, and here comes a review of another shop, Hemlock is a place where you will find the jewel you love. What makes this artist different in my eye is that she keeps on changing her designs day after day until it’s perfect. I remember her updating her hummingbird pedant over and over trying different techniques and looks. I’m a little too lazy to do it, I get it done and forget about it, she keeps working until it’s perfect. Another thing I love about this shop is all the nature inspired items. Take the pedant photo here, doesn’t it look exactly like a real maple leaf? It takes skills to get it this perfect. Most importantly, it’s not unnaturally perfect. You will never find perfectly symmetrical and straight leaf in nature, they are all different. This pedant shows the true beauty of nature and it’s uniqueness, it’s perfect imperfections. To me at least it’s the real charm of this pedant, the real beauty of it and the real talent of the artist shining along with silver.
There is one little thing that saddens me when I look through this shop though, it’s that my ear piercings are grown in, so I can’t wear those wonderful earrings she makes, and who wouldn’t be saddened by that? These elegant earrings are absolutely incredible.

As always, I would only recommend friendly sellers, and this one is among them. Wonderful, kind person who would treat you really well. Just looked through the policies just in case (even though I already knew she wouldn’t give buyers any problems for a while now), it’s nice and short, has everything you want to know in a short and understandable text. Perfect seller and great artist.

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