Saturday, May 21, 2011

Karen Cooper and Handmade Bags

Have I ever mentioned I love handmade bags? I'm sure I did, but just in case... Handmade bags are the best. There are just so many great bags you can find when shopping handmade, the sky is the limit. I believe I also mentioned that I love everything recycled. Koop Designs combines both of these together. Karen Cooper uses a lot of items that have seen better days and turns them into something absolutely beautiful. How do you like a bag made from cowboy boots? It looks beautiful and there is no way you'll find half the town having the same exact bag. I feel a little bad for the rest of the items in this shop because as beautiful as they are, purses seem to be taking all the spot light. Well, at least that's what happened when I wondered in. Do check out the other items though, dresses made from pillow cases would be a good outfit for a hot summer day for example.

I don't know about you, but I keep on buying boots that at first seem like a good pair that fits well, but after I wear them for the first time they don't look as good to me anymore. I ended up having a few pairs that I know I will never wear again, being tortured once by each pair is more then enough. If you have the same problem or simply have a pair of boots that have seen better days, you can send them to Karen and get a beautiful bag out of it. Or you can just go to a second hand store and find boots you love but would never wear and send those. Or you can buy two pair of boots and have one turned into a bag so that you'd have a pair of boots that match your bag perfectly. Or you can get an already made bag from Karen and, she does have beautiful bags ready to be shipped after all.

I have one little problem with this shop, I must admit. Here we go... the prices are too low. I have seen mass produced bags with a couple more zeroes at the end of the price tag, I'm sure you did too. These guys are handmade, each of them was designed individually and you will not see the same bag anywhere else. It's worth so much more in my opinion. I would love to see handmade items of such good quality and design selling for at least as much as the Gucci that produces millions of bags with the same exact design. If you ask me, one of a kind or very limited edition bags that are also handmade are a lot more valuable. So, for all you ladies out there, and gentlemen who would like to make a lady happy, if you would like a bag that's worth thousands for a fraction of a price, this is the shop for you.

This shop is also a very safe place to shop. You will get a good customer service and since the policies are clear cut, you will not have a problem figuring out how to pay, when to expect it or how to return if it's not what you for some reason aren't happy with what you got.

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