Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink Diamond Design Jewelry

Pink Diamond Design is another fabulous jewelry shop on etsy. Designs from this shop have very unique look, especially the one you see here. Jeweler uses a combination of materials in creating her designs. Use of antique jewelry and chains is responsible for a lot of pieces in this shop for example. For a reuse/recycle freak like myself it makes it that much better.

I saw a couple of items in this shop that I believe would be of great interest to the brides to be, bobby pins. I found two sets, one would go well with white while the other with blue. I'm sure if you'll contact this artist she will be able to make them in more colors though.

Jewelry is not the only thing you will find at Pink Diamond Design, you can find good customer service there as well. 100% customer satisfaction, good shop policies and communication are all there.

For those of you who would like to find out more about this jeweler, feel free to visit Pink Diamond Girl blog.

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  1. What a beauty, a dream of all young and old need to have a part of it,could be told a part of heart.