Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Little Niche Etsy Shop and Wooden Dolls

OMGITSOADORABLE!!!! There, I got it out of my system. I've been wondering where on earth I'll be getting toys for my future kids, well, now I know. These adorable hand-painted dolls are made of wood, though they shouldn't be chewed since they are painted with acrylic paint, and that's a bad food choice, they are nevertheless a good choice for kids over 3 years of age. Toy industry produces more or less the same toys. Every kid has them and if they don't they can easily get them. Who else in your kids class was something like this? Now here is my advise, get them for your kids before they get to the "it's not cool, I want a power ranger, everyone in school has them" age or just tell your kid to shut up and start playing (just kidding, just kidding, be nice to them). Honestly, the only reason no one in school has these dolls is because those kids just aren't cool enough for it. Hmmm... I just got an idea... take your kids and ask them to make up a super hero, or some fantastical creature that they would like to be, this will give their creativity a workout. After that go to this shop and explain the seller about this character and she will help make a wooden doll of this character. How many kids can say they have a doll like that? The same idea can work for wedding toppers if you don't want traditional wedding. I can only imagine a space pirate groom and bride cake toppers. Do you see why I love these dolls so much?

Oh, and really quick (because my little Monkey cat is attacking my shoulder) about why else you should shop there: 100% customer satisfaction, pleasant artist and good policies.

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  1. How retro- I agree that all kids should own some cool hand painted wooden dolls.