Sunday, May 29, 2011

Forgotten Fortune and Yummy Jewelry from Chellsea.

mmmm... ice cream. I can eat ice cream all day... now I can also wear it on my finger. If you don't like ice cream (what is wrong with you why wouldn't you like it?) there are other treats you can wear in Forgotten Treasures: burgers, cakes, donuts, cupcakes, you name it. Now just to show you how uncool my husband is, when I asked him what he thinks about ice cream ring he said "that's for fat people." I immediately retaliated by saying vegan ice cream made from coconut milk (my favorite) and raw cashew ice cream. Both perfectly healthy and much loved by your truly. As far as I can tell, that's chocolate coconut ice cream looking at me right now. Well... maybe not coconut... maybe polymer clay... Seriously though, these rings and earrings are so adorable, it makes me hungry.

Chellsea makes these yummy looking jewelry from polymer clay. There is something for every taste bud out there, so do stop by her shop and take a look. If you are on the diet, and don't want anything eadible looking, there are always polka dot bows and flags. It's inexpensive, so a little gift to yourself is always an option. 

To the sales part now... She is a very friendly seller with really easy policies. You can always send her a message is you have any questions. 100% customer satisfaction is there as well.

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