Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jewelry from Beading Inspirations by Darla

Oh my, I don't remember it ever taking me so long to pick a photo I would like to use for a feature. This Jeweler has so many incredible pieces though, I just couldn't make up my mind. Beading Inspirations by Darla  is a wonderful shop on etsy where you can find beautiful and elegant jewelry. I am not impartial to beaded jewelry myself since it was one of the first crafts I got interested in and because it was the first one I learned on my own rather then being taught. I absolutely love seeing the wonderful items that can be created with all these tiny beads and how well people combine them. I guess this is why I picked this shop for the feature, I write about what I love, because I love writing about it. Beading takes skills and lots of patience. I was very surprised to find these beautiful necklaces so cheap to be honest. They are beautiful and took a lot of time to create. I really think it's worth a lot more. Oh, what am I telling you this for, I'm sure you can see it yourself. Do you see it?

That's it, I can't look at it anymore, I have to stop or I'll spend all my money on it. On the other hand... I do know the password to my husbands paypal account...

As always, this seller is very pleasant. Policies are very clear cut and fair. Feedback for the shop is 100%. All in all a perfect place to shop.

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