Monday, May 23, 2011

Edith and Lulu, the Button Jewels

Jewelry made from buttons is something I actually have never seen before. It's one of those things where you hit yourself in the head asking why you never though of it. Buttons are so versatile, there are so many looks and shapes of them. You can realistically make jewelry for absolutely anyone. Edith and Lulu has tons of beautiful necklaces and earrings for every woman out there. This is exactly why I love etsy so much, you can find things you will not find anywhere else. Just looking through items from different sellers gives me so much inspiration. All this stunning jewelry for insanely low prices, all there, on etsy. Oh how I love it. And yes, prices in this shop are very low, anyone can afford it, even in our economy.

Now the sad news, this shop is actually not going to be around much longer, the jeweler is going back to school and science classes can take way too much time. Believe I know, been there, done that. Now on the brighter side, because the shop is closing, everything is 40% off. If you like the idea of button jewelry, and who doesn't and would like to get some for yourself or loved once, this is the time and the place. Get it before it's too late.

This shop was up and running since 2008 and has great reputation. There is absolutely no way you will be disappointed if you buy from there. Policies are perfectly clear and easy.

Now a question I asked myself while typing the post: "why when posting jewelry I seem to always pick necklaces?" Is it because I don't wear earrings or am I just discriminating?

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