Monday, May 30, 2011

Youtube For Learning and Selling

Youtube is a great tool. You can have a few laughs as well as learn something there. There are many videos on youtube showing how to do certain things. The drawing and painting tutorials are always helpful. You might think you already know how to draw it, but after watching a few videos you might find a few more tricks. You might simply find a new way to do something. You might figure out how to do it faster. Or you might decide to combine what you are already doing with what you have seen and develop a new way do draw or paint the same thing. Simple watching others paint helped me a lot in figuring out how to draw and paint realistically and it gave me ideas for my future projects.

You can also find new was to promote your art and how to add new gadgets to your site. I am not very good with programing for example. If I have to add something to my template, it's a disaster. It's always helpful to read how to do it, but to see it being done makes it ever easier.

Last but not least you can always promote yourself through youtube. There are many great artists who became very popular because of youtube. It takes some time to make a video, but it's worth it. People like to see the artist behind the art, youtube is a great way to give people what they want. Starting a youtube channel is very easy, so there really is no reason not to do it.

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