Sunday, May 22, 2011

Abena Asomaningand Fair and Fauna shop

Abena Asomaningand is an etsian with a floral flair. I'm a sucker for nature, so I couldn't not review an artist who incorporates flowers into her artwork. I personally find graphic design to be a real pain, literally. It hurts my eyes to look at the screen when I draw and it takes me way too long. The way I dealt with it is the same exact way Abena does it. Draw it first by hand, color it on the computer. This actually benefits the final product, all the lines look much more organic but it clearly looks digital. You can see it on this piece here. Slightly imperfect edges on the flowers are making it look more real. In nature you will never find a perfect shape, everything is slightly of balance, lines are slightly warped. Digital paintings done with vector graphics especially have everything perfectly shaped. Combining something hand drawn with graphic design can bring interesting results however. Perfectly even color that can be achieved with the computer is especially important. There are just so many things that absolutely must have perfect colors, t-shirt designs being one of these. Combination and overlapping of the colors in photoshop (or gimp in my case) can bring to life interesting designs, as shown here on this piece. It also gives artist a lot of freedom to work with. I can't begin to tell you how many times a small mistake in a drawing or a painting cost me countless wasted hours. Computers can help with that. You can quickly change colors and pick the perfect combination. You can also customize for each and every customer. If for example I wanted this print but with red background to match my living room decor, it can be done. Hence the great advantage. This is exactly what Abena is doing. She can customize the drawing to have the exact color you want and keep you perfectly happy.

Soooooo... if you like Abena's artwork, do get it.

Now more about this seller. Since it's a brand new shop, there isn't really any feedback yet, but everyone has to start somewhere. Policies in this shop are very clear and to the point. Abena Asomaningand has a blog where you can get to know her better. She is also involved in local art communities. I have an impression that Abena is dedicated to what she does and will do what it takes to climb to the top, and that would include keeping customers happy.

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