Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marziat International Gallery, Best of 2011 Competition

Another deadline for another competition is coming up, May 29. Winners of this competition will have their work displayed in Marziart International Gallery in Hamburg, Germany, plus on their website. Mediums accepted are: paintings, photographies, drawings and prints (etching,monotype...) and sculptures. Categories are as follows: Landscape/Nature - Cityscape - Today Life/People - Still Life - Abstract. 
Hans-Werner Wolf, photographer/ artist
Marion Zimmermann , painter/ gallery owner
Rainer Kranzusch, architect/ artist
Corinna Heuwer, Gallery owner 
Entry fee is $50 for 5 images and $8 for every additional image. 

Oh, and this painting right here is by Vincent Volya 

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  1. The skills is drawing and painting is amazing, always admire the lovely outcome.