Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Painted Sky and Nancy Jean's Painting

Paintings of birds, nests, farmhouses, all so lovely and bring so many memories to mind. In The Painted Sky I found many of them, all so charming and all painted very well and skillfully. These charming paintings are done in acrylic, which I personally love. Many artists don't like working with it because they think it's not as good and oils, but I personally like acrylic a lot better. First of all, they aren't as toxic (though I wouldn't try eating them). Vapors from oil paint are very harmful, which is why many artists who work with them get sick from it. Acrylic also dries a lot faster, which means it will not be all sticky when you will get it. So, there you go, these paintings are non harmful and are easy to handle. They will not smudge, stick to packaging, the dust will not stick to it.

Now a short personal story about birds. When I was little, we lived in this apartment with a bird nest over our door. For some reason these birds figured that it's a perfect place to raise a family, don't know why. As a result, our door was constantly covered in... bird waste products. We didn't want to harm them, but everything humane we tried to do to get them to move was rather unsuccessful. In the end, we were the once who moved. I wonder if these birds are still living there.

And going back to The Painted Sky. This shop has 100%positive feedback and it's not surprising. Besides the fact that these paintings are absolutely adorable, this seller is also very pleasant and has everything in place to make your shopping experience better. The shop policies are all in place and are perfectly reasonable, so if you like her work, you can buy it with confidence.

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  1. Hi there Amanda!
    What a lovely post -- thank you so much for your kind words about my shop and art!
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