Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top hats From Mad Little Hatter

Do you want to get the party started? These little hats from Mad Little Hatter are absolutely perfect for the costume parties. There are many fun styles that would fit just about any outfit and they are so adorable. To put it in the crazy cat lady's words, I want to have them all, with a cute little tops, and the cute little rims and the bows, I want a house full of and I want them of a rainbow..."

Seriously, these hats are adorable. They are also made from some recycled goodies, which makes them perfect. These hats are also for some strange reason are very cheap... but that only makes it easier to have a house full of them doesn't it?

And the last but not least, this seller has 100% positive feedback, although she hasn't sold that many yet since she started selling them on etsy recently. She does have easy to understand policies as well. Oh, and if you didn't find a hat that would match your outfit, you can always ask for one to be designed specially for you.

Go Top Hats!!!

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  1. thats my mums web site and i helped to make that hat :)