Friday, June 3, 2011

Networking for Success

We, humans are social creatures. We like to talk, we like to listen. We like knowing about other people. Everything we achieved is because of communication. If someone made a discovery, but didn't tell anyone about it, it would die with that person. We would have to rediscover the wheel over and over again. Internet makes communication a lot easier. We can be talking to people in any part of the world at any given time.

My mom told me the other day that she was very surprised I put my videos on youtube. Her reason was that she would never have the guts to let the whole world see her. My response was "if I want to make a living as an artist, I have to let the whole world know I exist." In fact many artists who make a living selling on the internet spend more time promoting themselves through every social media outlet there is then actually creating. This is the place I find myself at. People simply will not buy your art if they don't know it's there. If there is the slightest opportunity to get extra eyes, use it. Communicate your ideas, talk about yourself, talk about other, get noticed. Get a blog if you don't have it already. Start a youtube channel. Get on all every social media sites you can. Do guest blogging, work on projects with other artists. If you read a blog post you like, comment on it, if you saw a video you liked, comment on it. The more time you spend commenting and networking, the faster your art will sell.

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  1. "if I want to make a living as an artist, I have to let the whole world know I exist." - I have to agree with you on this and for sure its all about marketing.