Sunday, June 26, 2011

Melody Milleker from Inky Strings and Recycled Goods

I ran into Inky Strings and simply couldn't not share it. It's so unusual and cute, so unique. I love finding such great artists with all these cool items in their shops. These earrings are made from paint swatches. Who would've thought of using it to make jewelry? This isn't all there is though, there are some felted key chains and last but not least watercolor and ink paintings. Those paintings/drawing are actually my favorite items in the shop, she has such interesting, style. Well, what am I telling you all this for, you can go to Inky Strings and see it for yourself.

What I do want to tell you about is that this seller is keeping her shop in good condition. All the policies are filled and they look really good. It's always good to know that if an item is defective I can return it or have it fixed. There are also some good deals you can find on Melody's tumbler. Since it's a new shop, there isn't much as far as feedback goes, but there is a coupon code for free shipping for the first 10 customers, so if you want to use it, hurry.

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