Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ecem Duman from Pilumunus and Handmade Jewelry

Every now and again I run into incredible items on etsy and get shocked at the price. These accessories in Pilumunus shop are a good example of it. They are so cheap, it's hard not to buy them. The shipping is cheap as well btw even though this seller is from Turkey. I can only look at this necklace and think how many long hours it took to create something this beautiful. I have worked with beads myself and know how long is takes to create even a fraction of something like this. What is even more surprising is that she hasn't sold anything yet. It's sad really, but at this price, I don't see why people aren't grabbing these necklaces left and right. I mean, honestly, $25 for something like this? Ok, with shipping it's $30, still, it's nothing.

I really enjoy these items and can only imagine what other goodies she can make. I personally would like to see some bridal items from her, I think she'd be able to make some good once.

Sooooo... yeah, give her a chance guys, I think she is great and deserves a sale or two.

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