Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Skrynka and Beautiful Hand Embroibery from Ukraine

Skrynka is yet another one of those shops you can find a treasure in. Natalka's items are very unique and all the items looks fabulous. I know, I'm rather partial to it because I lived in Ukraine myself and love Ukrainian culture, but look at it. Isn't it just adorable? The item I featured here is my favorite, probably because I spent too much time studying EKGs, but there is a lot more. I personally love the jewelry from this shop. Have you ever heard about embroidered necklaces and earrings?

Now to the next part. This seller has 100% positive feedback and very clear policies. Natalka does everything she can to keep customers happy, so no fears here. She is shipping from Ukraine, so it will take a little longer to get it if you are in the US. Keep this in mind if you need your item soon.

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