Monday, June 20, 2011

Horror Art at it's Best

Horror art is hated by some and loved by others. It's a whole other universe of art and imagination. And yes, I also wanted to write about my husband.

Vincent Volya is indeed my favorite horror artist, and him being my husband might or might not have something to do with it. He rates quality of his work by people's reaction. This includes people saying how good his work is and people who are absolutely disgusted by it. Some of the best feedback he got included "I love horror books, but this I can't even look at." "You are possessed by demons." "You are on the wrong side of the fence." "Is that a face on his crotch?" As well as some snarling facial expressions. The snarl being the funniest of all the reactions.

Horror isn't the only thing Vincent draws and paints, he has fantasy, comic books, portraits and much much more. I personally love when he combines all these. His horror portraits for example are great, or how about a personalized horror comic strip? If he hasn't working on a comic book right now I would be bugging him about drawing a comic strip with me as a main character, but there will be time for that. I got my fantasy portrait already, so for now it's enough. Do you want one? Portrait or your own comic strip starring you as a main character?

I have two portraits already and some sketches. There is also a comic book starring me as a main character that is in the development. Once I fund the time to actually write everything down, he will start drawing it. 

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