Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainbow Lollies and Jewelry.

Finally!!! I chose a picture of earrings to show you, these are from Rainbow Lollies etsy shop. Why, oh why did I do it, now I'll spend all night crying over how I can't wear them (my piercings healed because I didn't wear earrings for too long). I love everything unique, unusual. Things you wouldn't see anyone else wearing. Things that don't even looks anything like something everyone else has. This is exactly why I am featuring these earrings form Rainbow Lollies. I have never seen earrings like these. They look very neat, and classic. I think these specific earrings would go really well with something formal. Not too flashy, but with taste and style. Imagine a meeting at work, and you need to look good, but professional. You are wearing pastel, pink or beige perhaps, and these sweet little guys. Wouldn't it look perfect together? These aren't the only style earrings in this shop, there are fun looking once, with dinosaurs and angels, but these caught my eye because they are so refreshing, classic and at the same time unusual.

How can I not tell you about why you should feel safe shopping in this shop? I can't. This seller has 100% positive feedback, is very pleasant, all the policies are very clear. She is opened to custom orders or just a good old chat. Feel free to send her a message if you have any questions and special requests.

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