Saturday, April 30, 2011

Herschel Pollard, Photographer ar Large

Herschel Pollard is another artist I found through his blog. The first look at his photography and I was hooked, I love it. He captures the world in both black and white and color. The rose featured here was taken with a phone camera, imagine an image this good from a phone? The colors on the photograph of a rose is incredible.

Pollard's photographs bring memories of the days long ago. I have never been to places he photographed, but it reminds me of the time long ago. That diner around the block from the house you grew up in. The wall of your school that needed to be repainted centuries ago. The church next town over...

Good use of shadows and colors always attracted my attention, Herschel Pollard combines all this with a great composition.

Herschel Pollard was saying in his blog a few days ago that photography is a very expensive art and he needs to figure out how to save money or how to make more money from it. After me telling him how awesome Red Bubble is (yes, I'm addicted to it now) he decided to join. Which meant you can buy high quality prints of his artwork and support his photographic addiction.

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