Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Handmade Tagua Jewelry by Isabela Wood

Once a week I have a blog reading day, I sit down and spend all day reading blogs. A few weeks ago I was looking for more blogs to add to my reading list. This is when I ran into this great handmade jewelry. I personally don't wear much jewelry, but I love the craft itself. It takes taste, creativity and skill to make good quality jewelry. When I looked through this site, that's exactly what I saw. The set shown here is probably my favourite from everything she has displayed. What I like about it is the black-brown color and the way it almost looks like acorns. I'm a great lover of nature, and that's exactly what I see in this necklace.

When I went to this site today I was happy to discover that this great jewelry can now be purchased at etsy.

Jewelry is a very competitive field in arts and crafts, I'm glad to see that this store is getting due attention.


  1. This is a beautiful looking jewellery. These days me and my wife goes to our city only to do this window shopping. We have lots of Kashmiri stores who sell wonderful jeweleries. We don't buy much tho.

  2. Thank you so much for make me part of your blog post!! And I am really glad you like my jewelry, you are always welcome to visit my website www.latinartjewelry.com and check it up the new arrivals.