Thursday, April 14, 2011

Arts N Drafts Festival

Alright, I'm finally done putting the writing of this post aside. I spent a few days helping set everything up for the festival and drawing there and had to catch up on line, now I can finally tell all about this spring Arts n Drafts. I was happy to see that almost all of the artwork displayed was new, a few paintings were displayed last fall, but there weren't many of them. The way walls were set up this time worked really well, first of all they were more stable second of all they were placed slightly different in the building. It looked almost the same, but tables were a little further from the walls allowing you to see everything better. The downside of this season's fest was the weather. Usually they have tons of artists set up outside painting, but it was too cold this year. I think I was the only one drawing there, but I was inside and they didn't have much space to fit in more artists indoors. Music was great. My favorite band (Matty B. and Dirty Pickles) were there playing on Friday woo-hoo. I got to meet a lot of interesting people there, from artists to musicians to psychic. Yes, they even had a psychic there. A great thing about Arts n Drafts is that people come over from many states to hang out there. People came for different reasons, some to drink good beer, some to hear good music, some to see art, some for all to the above, but at the end of the day many bought artwork from there. One thing I learned from displaying there is that having many small and cheap paintings is going to bring the most sales. People who came just to hang out might easily drop $20 for a painting they like.

Well, I'll be waiting for the next season (this fall), meanwhile I'll be getting back to posting everything on line.

Stay tuned for the next post about some great hand made jewelry


  1. great piece of work, ppl who really enjoy art will know how much its worth.

    Btw, on your comment on my blog for sambal belacan - I don't think there vegetarian version of this dipping sauce.