Sunday, March 13, 2011

Red Bubble Review

Red Bubble is a website where you can buy and sell art prints, t-shirts, calenders and much, much more. I signed up for it and signed my hubby up as well.

As many other websites of this variety, it's best if you promote it. I got a few sales from it without promotion, especially for my husband's shirts, but promoting helps a lot.

Red Bubble has a very strong community, it's another reason I love it so much. I joined many groups already and added my art to the groups. Many of these groups have challenges, that artists can enter. All this helps promote the art and get some recognition. Plus some challenges give Red Bubble vouchers to the winners, which never hurts at all. All in all it's a great place to sell and show your skills.

The way it works is: you download you artwork on the website and chose what you want to be done with it. Red Bubble then sells it and when it's sold they print it and send it to the buyer. You get % of the sale. Nice and easy, no need to worry about printing it, shipping it talking to customers about why it got damaged or any of the other unpleasant sides of selling art.

What I like about this site is that you can chose for the image of your artwork to be unclickable, this way no one can copy it and try to sell it as their own. Many sites have the watermark option, but it's not as good as unclickable, for me at least. The way I see it watermark can get in the way of seeing artwork when it appears in certain parts of the work or if can be cut out and only a part of the image can then be used by others. Surely most people wouldn't try to pirate your work if they know it's copyrighted, but you never know. In most cases watermark will protect your art.

They have a section for writing there too, I wish they would give an option to buy non exclusive rights to post the stories and poems as well, but so far you can just read them for free.

Speaking of copyrights, I always read copyright section of terms and conditions and very often I end up not posting on some websites because I don't like that exact part of the terms. Red Bubble asks for non exclusive rights, which means that they have the right to print your work and sell it (giving you money for it after it sells) but you can post the same artwork on other sites too and sell the same painting/drawing/photography/design on a number of sites.

In short, Red Bubble is a great place to buy and sell art. It worked for me at least.

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  1. Red Bubble is a cool web site- thanks for sharing :-)